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Get reliable and fast short-term rental cleaning in Japan.

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Reasons to Choose HouseCare

Over 1700 Properites Cleaned

HouseCare's staff are experienced experts, when it comes to short-term rental housing. We're proudly trusted by many of Japan's biggest Airbnb management companies.

Automatic Cleaning Reservations

Our platform allows you to integrate your listing calendar to our system, and reserve automatic cleanings. No more headaches about forgetting to book cleanings!

Guest Amenity Stock and Refills

We’ll take the refills and replacements from whatever stock is available in your house. If there is no stock left, the cleaners will buy from a nearby store.


About HouseCare Service

Balancing your job with house cleaning is difficult, but HouseCare helps you free up time to spend with your loved ones in a clean house. We are the only company in Japan that can clean with only one day's notice. We have thousands of customers who enjoy easy online booking, experienced bilingual staff, and specialised Airbnb cleaning. So please enjoy fast access to quality house care!

How it Works

① Add Properties

Fill in information about your properties, such as address, number of rooms, and how to get in.

② Reserve

Choose a date, time and the rooms to clean. You can get a cleaning tomorrow if you book by 5PM.

③ Start

You're all set! We'll add you in a Line group per property so you can see your home get cleaned in real time.


Room Size Cleaning Time Price
1K ~ 1DK 2.0 ~ 2.5hrs 5,000yen~
1LDK ~ 2DK 2.5 ~ 3.0hrs 6,250yen~
2LDK ~ 3DK 3.0 ~ 3.5hrs 7,500yen~
3LDK ~ 3.5 ~ 4.0hrs 8,750yen~
※ The above prices do not include consumption tax.
※ Each booking has an additional surcharge of ¥900 for round-trip transportation.
※ Optional extras, such as laundry and shampoo refills are an extra charge.

¥2,500/hr, book on short notice

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Customer Testimonials

Shoin's photo

"HouseCare always makes my place cleaner than I thought was possible."

Shoin, lives in Thailand and manages 2 Tokyo listings

Satoko's photo

"I used to enter the wrong date for cleaning reservations, or simply forget to order in the first place. It was easily my biggest stress. HouseCare's automatic booking fixed all of that. Thanks!"

Satoko (29)

Airbnb Questions

Once you add a listing to our system, we will give you an estimated Basic Service Time*. Please book your cleaning according to this estimate. If you’d like to book a cleaning for tomorrow, but you still haven’t gotten an estimated time from our staff, please call us at 03-4510-8888.

*The Basic Service Time may be adjusted after the first cleaning.

Yes. The cleaners will wash all of the used linen and towels. They will wash with the washing machine in your room, and go to the nearest coin laundry for drying. Meanwhile, the cleaners will use the extra bedsheets to prepare the room for the next guests. Please make sure you have at least one extra set of linen for each bed.

No, you don’t have to let them in. You can just hide the key near your house, just like you would for your guests. The cleaners will retrieve the key and let themselves in.
Prior to your first cleaning, please give us detailed information on where the key is located.

Please pay by card when you’re making your booking. If you wish to pay by invoice, please contact our Customer Service staff.

Yes. The cleaners will take the trash out to the designated areas. Please give us detailed information on the location. If the trash area at your building is not available 24 hours, please contact the Customer Service staff.

We definitely feel your pain! We understand that ordering every cleaning manually can be a serious bottleneck for busy hosts. That’s why we offer Automatic Orders. It’s very simple to set up – all you have to do is give us the calendar link for your Airbnb, and our system will automatically order a cleaning for you every time there’s a guest check-out.

Subscribe to a 12-month Plan on your property using your Airbnb iCal on the properties page:

No. All you have to do it give us detailed information on where the key is and how the cleaners can get it. The cleaners can then let themselves in for the cleaning.

We ask our clients to prepare basic cleaning tools, such as vacuum cleaners and swiffers. We’ll also need you to prepare extra bedsheets and towels. Our cleaners will use the extra linen and towels to set the room while they wash the used ones. Multitasking like this is what makes HouseCare’s speedy service possible!
We also need you to prepare basic cleaning supplies and other items that make the cleaning go as smoothly as possible. Here is a full list of items:

-Vacuum cleaner
-Swiffer wet sheets
-Dish soap
-Laundry detergent (liquid only)
-Bathtub cleaner
-Toilet cleaner (spray)
-Toilet cleaner (wet wipes)
-Mold removing agent
-Air freshener spray
-Trash bags

-extra bedsheets (Please prepare at least one extra set of sheets for each bed. We recommend synthetic fibers to reduce the drying time.)
-extra towels (Please prepare at least one extra towel for each guests. Lightweight towels help reduce the drying time.)
-laundry bag or cart (Carrying a load of wet laundry to the coin laundry is a lot of work. Please help our cleaners work faster by preparing a large laundry bag or cart. We prefer: or

Yes. Here’s a list of things our cleaners will refill / replace:

-Body soap
-Toilet paper
-Hand soap
-Tissue box

We’ll take the refills and replacements from whatever stock is available in your house. If there is no stock left, the cleaners will buy from a nearby store, unless you specifically request us not to buy refills. Please note that we will not be able to accommodate preferences for brands.

The cleaners will also buy stock for the following cleaning goods:

-Swiffer wet sheets
-Dish soap
-Laundry detergent (liquid)
-Bathtub cleaner
-Toilet cleaner (spray)
-Toilet cleaner (wet wipes)
-Mold removing agent
-Air freshener spray
-Trash bags

If the cleaner buys any refills, you will be sent a picture of the receipt. We will charge you for the month’s refill costs at the beginning of the following month.

We have LINE group for report each listing.

-> This is a group for your listing. We will make one Report Chat for every listing you register with HouseCare. It is mainly used for reporting purposes. The cleaner will send you their scheduled start time, pictures of the room before and after the cleaning, and so on. Our Cleaner Support staff is also in this group, and they will be assisting the cleaners with minor problems that may occur.

if you want to know immediately please check C Chat all the time.

We provide the following services:

● Cleaning

● Changing bedsheets

● Wash and dry laundry (We will use the washing machine in the property, or use the coin laundry if one is not available)

● Clean the mailbox (We will throw flyers out, and put letters away at your instruction)

● Check and Charge wi-fi

● Refill amenities

● Restock amenities

● Report about the cleaning via LINE

Cleaning Times
When you book a cleaning, you will be asked to choose a start time. However, we may start the cleaning outside the time you requested. Please note that all cleanings will take place in between the checkout time and check-in time.

If you have no same day check-in, we may go in to clean during evening time. If you’re okay with this, please uncheck the ’same day checkin?’ box. It will help us find a cleaner faster.

actual cleaning time will tell C chat at LINE group the day before yesterday or the day cleaning day.

Fees for Extended Hours

Sometimes, we will have to ask for an extension of the cleaning hours. We will make photo reports to you when necessary.

we will make the decision to extend on your behalf, up to the first 60 minutes.

Some of the common reasons for extensions are:

-The previous guest was late checking out

-Misplaced key (sometimes the key isn’t where it’s supposed to be)

-Shopping for special items (if there are any special shopping requests, such as light bulbs, we may need to extend the cleaning time in order to get to the store)

-Problems at the coin laundry (the cleaner may have to wait if all the machines are being used)

-The house is too messy to clean within the appointed time (if it exceeds the limits of a normal cleaning, we may ask for an extension)

-The garbage isn’t separated

-If there are any other problems that can’t be dealt with within the appointed time

We charge for every 15 minutes of extension.

【Ad-hoc Order】 625 yen
【12-Month Subscription】 500 yen


★Cancelling BEFORE 10:00AM on the day before the cleaning

• You may cancel at any time on our website free of charge.
• A full 100% refund will be issued automatically.

★Cancelling AFTER 10:00AM on the day before the cleaning

a. If the cleaning HASN'T been matched with a cleaner yet:
• You may cancel through our website free of charge.
• A full 100% refund will be issued automatically.

b. If the cleaning HAS been matched with a cleaner.
• You may cancel through our website.
• You will be charge a 50% cancellation fee.
• We will automatically refund 50% of the cleaning fee.

Please check here for more info:

Service Area








Kyoto city (Please inquire at 03-4510-8888)
Osaka map

¥2,500/hr, book on short notice

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