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Reasons to Choose H2O Housecare

Over 1700 Properties Cleaned

H2O Housecare's staff are experienced experts, when it comes to short-term rental housing. We're proudly trusted by many of Japan's biggest Airbnb management companies.

Automatic Cleaning Reservations

Our platform allows you to integrate your listing calendar to our system, and reserve automatic cleanings. No more headaches about forgetting to book cleanings!

Guest Amenity Stock and Refills

We’ll take the refills and replacements from whatever stock is available in your house. If there is no stock left, the cleaners will buy from a nearby store.

Other Services

Reserve Online

From registering properties to automating your cleaning, everything can be done on our platfrom.

Managers Check Every Cleaning

Our managers help the cleaners by reviewing before and after photos of the cleanings and communicating with cleaners in real time.

Trash Pickup

If you don't have a 24 hours trash room in your apartment, we can help take care of trash for you.

Apartment Building Plan

Are you renting out your entire apartment building? Contact us to hear about our Apartment Plan.

Book a Cleaning for Today or Tomorrow

Once you've registered a property, we can match you with a cleaner for a cleaning even within 24 hours.

3 years of experience

Thanks to the support of our amazing customers and cleaners, we've been in business for over three years.


About H2O Housecare Service

Balancing your job with house cleaning is difficult, but H2O Housecare helps you free up time to spend with your loved ones in a clean house. We are the only company in Japan that can clean with only one day's notice. We have thousands of customers who enjoy easy online booking, experienced bilingual staff, and specialised Airbnb cleaning. So please enjoy fast access to quality house care!

How it Works

① Add Properties

Fill in information about your properties, such as address, number of rooms, and how to get in.

② Reserve

Choose a date, time and the rooms to clean. You can get a cleaning tomorrow if you book by 17:00 (5PM).

③ Start

You're all set! We'll add you in a Line group per property so you can see your home get cleaned in real time.

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Single bookings Plan

Room Size Cleaning Time Price
1K ~ 1DK 2.0 ~ 2.5hrs 6,300yen~
1LDK ~ 2DK 2.5 ~ 3.0hrs 7,650yen~
2LDK ~ 3DK 3.0 ~ 3.5hrs 9,000yen~
3LDK ~ 3.5 ~ 4.0hrs 10,350yen~
※ The above prices do not include consumption tax. Cleanings have a 2 hours minimum.
※ Optional extras, such as laundry and shampoo refills are an extra charge.

Automated Bookings Plan

We sync with your property calendar, and cleaning reservations are made automatically. Transportation fees become free!
Room Size Cleaning Time Price
1K ~ 1DK 2.0 ~ 2.5hrs 5,832yen~
1LDK ~ 2DK 2.5 ~ 3.0hrs 7,452yen~
2LDK ~ 3DK 3.0 ~ 3.5hrs 8,532yen~
3LDK ~ 3.5 ~ 4.0hrs 9,612yen~
※ The above prices do not include consumption tax. Cleanings have a 2 hours minimum.

Customer Testimonials

Sam's photo

If you want a company that can handle scale with quality like no other, I recommend H2O Housecare. My company operates over 300 properties and I have not met a company to date that provides a better service. The ultimate professionals in their game. Highly recommended.

AirHost's photo

The best feature of H2O Housecare is that their managers always carefully check each cleanings via pictures, which does wonders to the final quality of each cleaning. I also love being able to check and comment on cleanings in real-time as well!

Service Area








Kyoto City (Please inquire at 03-4216-4507)
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Fukuoka City (Hakata and environs. Please inquire at 03-4216-4507)
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